Hey kids! Learn to draw pictures for fun and profit! 




Jen Fridy is a writer, an illustrator, and a sentient flesh-person made of anxiety and hair and whatnot.

She once worked as a face-painting clown for a squirrely party promoter with a Ron Jeremy mustache who hired himself out to kids' birthday parties as the blue Power Ranger. She also has an Illustration degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, but that's not as fun a story to tell at parties. Clients have included The Kansas City StarThe PitchIsthmus, The Stockholm Agency, Signatures, Cinder Block, and others.

A recent transplant to the suburbs of the East Coast, she can generally be found reacquainting herself with phenomena such as snow, deer, and roads without bike lanes. She'll pick cats over dogs and pie over cake any day of the week, but let's be honest --- if your event features dogs and cake, she is so there. When she is not curled up in a fetal position of existential dread, she enjoys various things. 


Have you seen this woman?

Have you seen this woman?